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All the best accents and impersonations.
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Ryan Reynolds Does An Amazing 'Trailer Guy' Voice -
Jamie Foxx Attempts A Coc kney Accent -
Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds and Catherine Zeta-Jones Talk Accents -
Jim Carrey & Tamsin Greig Impersonate A Pig & A Dog -
Benedict Cumberbatch's Chewbacca Impersonation -
If Star Wars Was British -
Julie Walters and Miranda Hart Try Rapping -
Justin Bieber Does A British Accent -
Seth MacFarlane Sings Cyndi Lauper’s Greatest Hits As Stewie and Peter Griffin -
Tom Hiddleston Impersonates Graham and It's Amazing -
Robert De Niro Impressed By Tom Hiddleston's Robert De Niro Impression -
Jamie Foxx Impersonates Tom Cruise -
Arnold Schwarzenegger Impressions with Cara, Khaleesi, Tinie and Jake -
Chris Pratt Absolutely Nails TOWIE Accent -

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