About ComedyParadise

Welcome to ComedyParadise. ComedyParadise is a comdy blog based website where I will be commenting on users funny uploaded content across the world. Lets just say its my show.....DAMN IT! Users can also post comments on comedic videos and funny images posted by other users to be shared to the joking network. Each content submitted by users will have the chance to be recognized as the funniest content uploaded to go viral on ComedyParadise by audiences votes, views and my personal picks. All the #1 contents in each comedic category will be fetured in ComedyParadise newsletter at the end of the month to be emailed to ComedyParadise users for your funny shit!!!!! This world is Too DAMN STRESSED OUT PEOPLE...... So remember my motto Lifes A Joke... Take It Eazy.

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