ComedyParadise is changing how amateur comedians broadcast their funny talents to the world.  Whether it’s accidental funny moments to professional comedic skills, we connect laughter with people.  Advertisers can view audience’s age, gender and locations to best analyze marketing strategies for their target audience. You can build a brand that audience can trust to see on ComedyParadise and act on.

Each and every video will be carefully edited and placed on ComedyParadise pages to acquire maximum exposure to target audience. By using Promoted Videos, In-Stream Virtual Signage, Brand Channel and Mobile Advertisement you will be able to achieve better marketing goals.



ComedyParadise delivers Amateur Comedians and funny moments straight to the internet audiences. With a wide selection of pages like Stand-Up, Impersonations, Music Parody, ComedySkits, Punked, Funny Vidz, Twin Pics, Are U Serious Stories! and Jokes, it’s truly a Paradise for Comedy. Audiences can watch and rate average people Comedic performances, Drunk Moments, Funny & Awkward experiences. Ever had a crazy story unbelievably funny you wanted to share it to the world? You can on Are U Serious Stories. Joke page allows users to quote actors one liner from media shows to posting up their own favorite jokes. Got a favorite comedian? Why not post it on Funny Vidz?  Along with random funny clips? ComedyParadise is a one stop shop joking network. Whatcha  waiting on………GETCHA YA LAUGH ON!   

Founded in April 2010, ComedyParadise brings laughter to millions of people all over the world. Watch and share life’s greatest gift of laughter. ComedyParadise provides a platform for everyday people to showcase their comedic talents to the world whether it’s accidental or intentional. ComedyParadise is a great source to broadcast your talent to Comedy Club owners and entertainment scouts.  


ComedyParadise Network:

ComedyParadise uploads amateur video performances around the world. Audiences are able to rate the best comedic performances, music parody, played, funny vidz, are u serious stories and jokes. Every month a winner is selected as the #1 comedic for that month.  Stand-up allows amateurs to upload comedic performances live from the comfort of their own homes to the public. Users can utilize the Impersonations page to broadcast their copy talents from celebrities to objects and animals. Music Parody enables users to reenact their favorite artist music videos in a comedic performance. ComdeySkits is a cool way for users to display comedic story telling to their audience. Ever played a prank on someone so good you had to show it? If so then post it on Played. Funny Vidz allows the user to upload everyday funny videos or pics. Twin pic allows users to share to the world a close resemblance of someone to something. Are U Serious Stories! allows users to share an incredible true story. Jokes are an everyday laughter in it’s self. Read jokes or post your own. If you looking for a source of comedic entertainment, you came to the right place……..Enjoy ComedyParadise!